Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you print your product?

We design, print, and package all of our orders right here in our workshop. We are very proud to use South African products and South African Printers.

What are you products made of?

Stickers: Our stickers printed on high-quality sticker paper.

3D Hand and Feet: Our 3D hand and feet casting kit includes moulding powder, plaster powder and a plastic containers and a step by step instruction manual.

Are your stickers waterproof?

While we would not recommend dipping the stickers in the swimming pool before you take your photo, we have found that they don’t have a problem with drool, which is probably more what you’re worried about. LOL!

Are your stickers reusable?

Our stickers are intended to be used once. Like any stickers they may retain some stickiness but lose their stickiness over time.

Are the stickers pre-cut?

Yes! All you have to do is peel, stick, and take lots of photos!

Is the impression powder safe for my baby's skin?

The impression powder is non-toxic and bio-degradable, so it is totally safe to use on the skin. We have all the relevant health and safety data available on request.

How long does it take before the mould sets?

The time taken for the mould to set varies with the temperature of the air and water, as well as the amount of water added. To extend the moulding time you can add a little more water. Also just a reminder, the colder the water the more time you get before the mould sets.

Can you re-use the mould?

Unfortunately, no. Once the plaster has set, the mould is carefully peeled away in sections from the plaster cast so it is not possible to re-use it.

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